Whilst I'm a children's entertainer, I'm also a proud primary school teacher. Both careers provides me with the opportunity to enrich the lives of children through engaging art experiences.

I often get asked if i'd ever give up teaching to pursue kids entertainment full time. The answer is no. I have a passionate team who help me maintain a work-life balance. From my amazing virtual assistant Brooke, to all of our talented entertainers, we make a great supportive team!

Myself and the colourful team would be honoured to attend your special event or party. 


If you're interested in getting prices for your up coming event or party, click here. Don't worry, we only send you what you've asked for and there's no obligation to book with us.


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After all, parties are better with a Colourful Twist!


Your colourful friend,

Renee Easson

0403 421 536